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What We Do

The Dannheiser Fund for Kids partners with other Non-Profits in our area that serve at-risk kids to provide programs for these children as well as a free pair of back-to-school shoes. To date we have helped 120 kids! In order to fulfill our mission, we focus on three core areas: physical fitness, educational awareness and emotional stability. It is our goal to show each child  we work with that they have the ability to become successful, can overtime any barriers they face and dream big dreams. In fact our organization's motto is:


"Breaking Down Barriers, Building Up Dreams"

100% of every dollar donated goes directly to help local kids in need!

Quick link to each program below:

View the story that led to our founding on our purpose page

How we Operate

Once you read about our purpose and mission and vision you will further understand our organization, but we also want to explain the basis of how and why we do what we do.  Our founders identified a need in our local community, and that was that there are a good number of children that do not have adequate shoes when back to school time approaches.  We decided then that something needed to be done and we can help, so we founded The Dannheiser Fund for Kids.  Our organization will work with our community to locate kids that are in need of our help and raise as much money to impact these children as we can.  Upon developing our mission statement and ideas of what we want to accomplish an idea was brought up, we certainly want to help these kids be comfortable every day in new shoes, but can we do more?  

When questioning whether or not we could do more to benefit the kids we work with the answer was obvious, of course we can!  At this point we decided to come up with our three core areas. (read more here)


Along with our core focus we will target local non-profits in order to both reach kids that are in need and also run programs that will provide life long lessons and guidance for at-risk kids in our area.  Each year between September and May we will raise money to support our mission and these programs.  During that time we will also speak with local non-profits that work with kids that may be at-risk or come from a less privileged background and find one, or more to work with.  Once we have established the relationship with another organization we will determine how many children we can help that summer.

Each child we help will receive their back to school reward from the Dannheiser Fund for Kids and also our Board members and volunteers will help teach a program that will benefit the child for the future as well.  Once again we also want to reiterate that 100% of the donations and grants we receive are used for us to fulfill our mission.  The Dannheiser Fund for Kids is ran by a Board of Directors that volunteers their time to make an impact and an Executive Director that does the same.  We have zero staff cost or administartive fees!  $1.00 out of every $1.00 donated goes directly towards our mission!

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